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Year R

Year R


Our Autumn Term starts with the children sharing their “Summer Holiday Adventure Box.” This is a great way for the children to get to know their new friends and teachers. A little later in the term the children celebrate ‘Bonfire Night’ by planning their very own bonfire party, which is held at school one evening in November. The children have a fantastic time singing songs around the bonfire, enjoying sparklers and eating toasted marshmallows.


As we launch our People Who Help Us topic, the children discover that their class mascot is missing! To help us find the missing mascot, we have a very special visit from some local Police Officers. We then learn about people who help us both around the school and in the community, through exciting visits from the Fire Service, a trip to Shoreham Lifeboat Station and a visit from a Nurse.


The term draws to a close with our highly anticipated Christmas Nativity Performance, which the children work really hard to prepare for!


Within the first few weeks of the autumn term, we also begin exploring our local area through small group walks. The children learn about road safety, how to keep safe whilst out and about and discover what is located near to Seaside Primary.


Understanding the World - All about Me, special celebrations, seasons, light and dark, exploring electronic devices and the local community.

Expressive Arts and Design- Printing, collaging, leaf rubbing, large art, self-portraits, model making, chalking, oil pastels, den building.

Physical Development - Negotiating space, invasion games and dance.


In the Spring Term, the children return to school after the Christmas holidays to enjoy a fantastic performance of ‘Four Favourite Fairy Tales’ by the Rainbow Theatre London. This exciting experience launches out Fairy Tale topic and the children spend the first half of the Spring Term exploring some well-known stories. They are then rewarded with a fantastic fairy tale ball at the end of the half term!


Returning to school after the half term break, the children discover giant footprints in the playground, a large spotty egg and tooth in the classroom. The children have to work out who they belong to and learn facts about their discovery. We also have an exciting visit from RepTylers, where the children have the opportunity to handle and learn about a range of reptiles.


It is during the Spring Term that our walks to the beach begin. The children take part in scavenger hunts, create large beach art as well as skimming stones in the sea.


Understanding of the world – Dinosaurs, reptiles, exploring the local community, comparing environments, recognising technology around us and special celebrations.

Expressive Arts and Design – Sketching, painting, role play, storytelling, constructing with a purpose and manipulating materials.

Physical Development – Healthy Hearts, keeping our bodies healthy, gymnastics and net and wall skills.


In the Summer Term we continue with our animal theme as we learn about the farm and farm animals. The children then visit a real farm nearby and get to see the animals up close as well as enjoy an exciting tractor ride.


After half term, we begin to think about summer holidays. The children plan a class “holiday” and enjoy flying to our chosen destination during our “Flight Week” which is hosted by a real-life Flight Attendant! We enjoy sampling the local cuisine and spend time at the beach.


Before the children leave us for Year 1, we say goodbye with a Graduation Ceremony. This is a brilliant occasion during which parents and carers are invited to celebrate the children’s successes from the year with us.


Understanding of the world – Animals, the world around us, beach walks, using technology for a purpose. 

Expressive Arts and Design – Sketching, exploring media and materials, beach art, symmetry, painting and textures.

Physical Development – Athletics, Sports Day and striking and fielding.