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Year 6

In the Autumn Term, Year 6 is taking a walk on the wild side through the astonishing African jungles, which are home to an abundance of animal and plant life. We will learn in depth about the wildlife of specific African countries and gain an understanding of how the wildlife varies from region to region. This will all tie-in with our science work, where we will investigate living things and their habitats. In addition to this, we will be learning about the special features animals develop in order to survive.


We will study the landscape and climate of the “lungs of Africa”, found in the Congo and other locations in the region before broadening our view to look at the rest of the continent.


As well as expanding our understanding of the geographical features of Africa and the many countries within it, we will also learn about some of the history of the continent, looking at colonialism and independence before spending some time focusing on apartheid and Nelson Mandela.


In the Spring Term, Year 6 are going to learn about the toughest war that Britain has ever encountered.


We will study a range of areas including the causes of the conflict and the experiences of children from both home and abroad.


Initially, we will study many of the major incidents that shaped the war at home before taking a more global view in the second half of the term.


To help bring the topic to life, we will be complementing our lessons with a variety of incursions and excursions to help deepen the children's understanding of the topic.