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Year 6

Year 6


During the Autumn Term, we will embark on a learning adventure that will take us to the vast mountain range of the Alps. Children will deepen their knowledge of mountain formations, wildlife that live there, the countries which the Alps span over and research how the physical and human characteristics of this place have changed over time. Children will explore the many diverse cultures within the Alps as well as designing the ideal home that would be suitable for living in what could be considered quite a harsh environment. In PE, we will enjoy learning a range of traditional European dances, which we will perform to Year 5 and we will also be creating some wonderful pieces of art based upon the Dutch painter, Van Gogh.


Science – Evolution and inheritance/ Living things and their habitats

Art / D&T – Batik Van Gogh and Fairground Rides (woodwork with electrical mechanisms: The Flambard’s Challenge)

RE – Atheism and Agnosticism

Computing – Online safeguarding including social media and spreadsheets


In the Spring Term, Year 6 are going to learn about the toughest war that Britain has ever encountered. In the beginning, we will look through the eyes of the children’s experiences of the war with a great focus upon the evacuation of children from the cities to the countryside. Our English links greatly to this through our study of the book ‘Goodnight Mr Tom,’ where we create evacuation leaflets and letters. The Year 6 children also enjoy a ‘World War Two’ themed day, where they dress up as evacuees, bake rock cakes and create their own evacuee suitcases, including gas masks and ration books. As well as this, we look discover what life would have been like for children in Germany, the Netherlands and the Holocaust.


During the second half of the term, we begin to study how the war affected our local area. Children map out where bombs were dropped in their local area, plan a walking route for us to find these sites and then we venture out into Lancing to discover these places. The children also visit Worthing museum to partake in a ‘World War Two workshop,’ where they can handle genuine artefacts and have a guided walking tour of Worthing to learn about its history during the war.


Science – Electricity and Light

Art / D&T – Ian McGowan watercolour spitfires and Bridge Design

RE – Judaism and religious census within the local area

Computing – Blogging and text adventures


During the Summer Term, we will be exploring the fascinating ancient civilisation of the Aztecs. Children will study in great depth how these people lived daily, how their society was organised and how their religious beliefs came to be. We will also learn the story of how this incredible Empire fell at the hands of the Spaniards. From this, children will participate in a formal debate as to who they believed was morally right and back up their ideas using historical evidence and facts. Furthermore, children will create Aztec calendars and patolli board games.


Science – Living things and their habitats

Art / D&T – Aztec weaving and making pasties

RE – Religious marriage study and Beliefs About Life After Death

Computing – Quizzing and Networks

Residential Trip in Summer 2 – Cornwall