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Year 3

To kick off the Autumn Term in Year 3, we will be exploring what the Earth was like in prehistoric times. We will be stepping through the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age by participating in a number of classroom activities and hosting our very own Stone Age Day. Children will learn about weapons, food, settlements and the geographical changes that would have occurred during this period. We will also provide the children with a chance to handle artefacts, try on authentic clothing and observe prehistoric activities such as fire lighting.


Science - Human Body and Rocks

Art/DT- Stone Age Art and designing our own sandwiches

Computing – Surveys and Programming

R.E – Faith and Advent


We start the Spring Term by focusing on weather and climates around the world. We will become weather reporters and podcasters. We will investigate seasons and locate different countries in order to develop our atlas skills.


In Spring 2, we jet off to Spain. We kick off the topic by looking at the geographical features of Spain using an Atlas. We compare Madrid to London and compare English and Spanish beaches. Towards the end of the topic, we look at daily life in Spain before finishing with our Spanish day! During this day, we make mocktail Sangria and Spanish tortillas, yum yum!

Science – Plants

D.T./Art – Picasso

R.E. – Religious festivals - Easter

Computing – Sending emails


Our Summer Term focuses on the hierarchy of Ancient Egypt. We begin the topic by looking at Pharaohs, Gods and Goddesses and the River Nile. We look at how they shaped the country before we examine clues to investigate who stole the treasure from Tutankhamun’s tomb! We even learn about mummification and put our skills to use mummifying our teacher.


In the second half of the term, we are lucky enough to welcome ‘Hands On History’ who help bring this fascinating topic to life even further before the children enjoy a ‘Night at the Museum’ sleepover in the school.


English – Newspaper article to report on the ransacking of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Art/ DT – Egyptian death masks and canopic jars.

Computing – editing movie clips.