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Personal Development

Personal Development


Purpose of study

At New Horizons Seaside Primary we firmly believe that ‘Everybody Matters, Everybody Succeeds’ and so in line with this, we have developed ‘Personal Development’ (PD) to encompass the principles of PSHE, along with the government’s new Relationship Education curriculum. By enabling our children and young people to develop their own skills, knowledge and understanding of how to be who they are, understand the world they are growing up in and how to keep themselves safe in all areas of their world, we believe that we are giving each and every one of them the best chance for their lives ahead. Our curriculum has been designed with our children in mind and may vary in content to reflect the ever-changing world we live in.



The four cornerstones of Relationships Education (Primary) aim to ensure that all pupils:

·         Recognise, develop and maintain healthy relationships with friends and family

·         Conduct themselves safely online and know what to do if they feel worried

·         Understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

·         Develop an awareness of how to look after their emotional health.


At New Horizons Seaside Primary, our aim for the PD curriculum is to reflect the school’s vision and values. At the core of this is to demonstrate and teach the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils need to lead confident, healthy lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens. Children will learn about the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up, relationships, sex, human sexuality and sexual health. PD is taught in the context of relationships and promotes self-esteem and emotional health and wellbeing to encourage children to form healthy and meaningful relationships, based on respect for themselves and for others. New Horizons Seaside Primary believe in working in partnership with parents and carers so that the child’s physical, moral, mental wellbeing and emotional development can be supported at home.



We mostly take a whole-school approach to the implementation of PD as it can be explicitly taught through a number of areas across the curriculum including Science, Computing and Physical Education. On such occasions, PD will be taught by the class teacher and therefore usually within a mixed gender class. The teaching of PD will also be embedded in a number of school experiences such as assemblies, visiting speakers from the community and school residential trips. Whilst many parts of PD are taught throughout the year, some specific age or gender-related aspects are delivered at pre-planned points during the year. This allows parents/ carers to be informed and therefore offer support to the child as required.



New Horizons Seaside Primary will assess the impact of the PD programme in several ways including lesson observations, teacher planning and book looks alongside discussion and feedback from both children and parents. The teaching and learning of PD will be continually reviewed allowing any changes that need to be made. Achievements in the development of skills and values taught through PD can be celebrated in a number of ways including assemblies, displays and weekly certificates. Parents and carers will be informed of their child’s progress in PD through informal discussions, parents evening and the annual school report.

Whole School Long Term Personal Development Plan