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Structure of the Local Governing Body

Structure of the Local Governing Body

Our Local Governing Body was formed on 01.09.2016 when Seaside Primary converted to become an academy. The current members of the Local Governing Body are as follows:


Director of Education (Staff)           Lee Murley

Elected Staff Governor                 Angela Cornish

LA Governor                               John Bowd 


Elected Parent Governors            1) Adam Brazier

                                                2) Kristen Caplin 


Co-opted Governors                   1) Susan Main (Chair) 

                                               2) Matthew Ayling (Vice Chair)

         3) Cara Croke

         4) Carolyn Jefferis 

         5) Father Felix Smith


Associate Governor                    Senior Deputy Headteacher

Associate Governor                    Deputy Headteacher


Clerk to Governors                     Mrs Elizabeth Christie