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Our Values

Our Values


Core Principles

  • Everyone in the school community is valued and respected.
  • We have high expectations and always look for the best in everyone.
  • Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility, to make a contribution and to achieve their full potential whatever this may be.
  • The core values of integrity, responsibility, kindness, courtesy, trust and care will underpin every aspect of school life.
  • Everyone is expected to treat others as they would wish to be treated.
  • We will be an open, welcoming and responsive school with clear lines of communication.
  • The school will play an important role in the local community.
  • The staff work as a team, understanding that they are key to creating a happy, successful school.


Teaching and Learning

  • We ensure that everyone has positive learning experiences, achieves success and makes progress towards their personalised targets.
  • We create an inclusive environment in which all learners' needs are catered for
  • Learning is relevant, fun and exciting.
  • The school is an excellent learning environment which inspires, excites and celebrates effort and achievement.
  • There will be a broad curriculum of high quality that gives the children opportunities to make links, to make choices and take responsibility for their learning.


Our School

  • Through a high quality, exciting, engaging and extended curriculum together with strong links with the community, each child is helped to discover and develop their talents and interests.
  • All children will feel safe and secure and be encouraged to live healthy lifestyles.
  • We empower everyone to have ownership of our school and develop leadership throughout the organisation.
  • We use every appropriate opportunity to unify the school and develop a whole school culture.
  • We continually reflect on our core values, ensuring improvement and progress for all.