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Year 1

In the Autumn Term in Year 1, a touch of magic opens the new year. Children complete quests from an evil dragon, to release a princess from our Seaside castle.

We learn about castles, old and new, and enjoy a fantastic trip to Hever Castle! We enjoy learning and acting out different job roles, which were important to the running of castle life.

We move on to look at coats of arms; the origin, their meaning and have the opportunity to design and make our own ones!


Science – Materials/ Seasons

D.T./Art – Shields/Dragons

R.E. – Harvest festival/ Christmas story

Computing – Word processing skills/ Paint



In the Spring Term, we blast off into Space! We explore a variety of children’s storybooks and use these creative avenues to write our own space stories. Using drama, sensory experiences and film, we explore what life is like in space for an astronaut.

In Art, we study space constellations and work towards completing chalk drawings. We study a wide range of techniques such as; colour mixing and Paper Mache.

To link with our science topic, we welcome animal keepers into the school to show off their amazing animals. We enjoy handling, grouping and classifying the different animals.


History- The 1969 Moon Landing

R.E- Patron saints

Art- Chalk and paper Mache planets

Science- Animals including humans- Spring 1

Plants and Seasons- Spring 2



In the Summer Term, we begin our sea voyage.

We start by looking at pirates and explore amazing facts about pirate and sea life. We study the book ‘Captain Abdul’s Pirate School’. We learn about the differences between pirates and privateers, label pirate ships and sing sea shanties.

In the second half of the term we focus on the sea itself. We draw on our fortunate location and visit Lancing and Brighton beach, in order to learn about the geography of and create fact files.


R.E – Creation story

Design and Technology – Creating a Pirate Flag and Beach in a box

Computing – Bee-Bots/ Movie-maker

Science – Seasons and Science revision