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Year 5

Year 5


During the first half of the Autumn Term, the children in Year 5 focus on the Roman civilisation. The children have the opportunity to study Roman soldiers and their armour, the daily life and role of women and children and the successful invasion of Britain. The children also have the opportunity to visit Fishbourne Palace, where they can explore the recreated Roman gardens and residence, as well as enjoy the largest collection of Mosaics in situ in the UK. 


Children then move on to learn about life for the Anglo-Saxons. In English, they use this learning to create their own newspaper report based on an Anglo-Saxon invasion. They also create their own war chant, which is performed alongside their battle inspired dance that is choreographed during their P.E. lessons. 


Science – Earth and Space / Animals Including Humans

Art and Design / D&T – Kandinsky / Beach Buggies

R.E. – Creation stories / Islam

Computing – Coding / word processing / Online Safeguarding 


During the Spring Term, we travel to Colombia in South America and explore its incredible culture! From researching the Andes to travelling across the Amazon River, we learn about all the riches the country holds. After gaining an understanding of the landscape itself, we begin to look more closely at the lives of Colombians. During this time, we make comparisons between our culture and theirs and learn about the charity, Fairtrade, and how important fair work is to the smallholders in Colombia. Our English work is closely linked to our Colombia topic at the start of the term, when the children write biographies on important Colombian celebrities. We then start to explore the classic text about Victorian England - 'Oliver Twist'.


Science – Changes of Materials / Forces

Art and Design – Market bags - abstract geometric patterns inspired by Omar Rayo.

D&T - Arepas

R.E. – Ahimsa and Veganism

Computing – Databases / Micro Bits / Online Safeguarding 


During the Summer Term, we travel back in time to experience what life was like during Viking times. We explore daily life and discuss how society has progressed and changed over the years. Great emphasis is placed on discovering how battles were won, seas were travelled and much more! The children also focus on local geography and rivers during this half term and explore the features of rivers, river restoration and pollution, looking in particular at the River Adur. Our English work allows the children to explore the poem Inchcape Rock and take part in a debate based on river pollution. 


Science – Life Processes and Living Things

Art and Design / D&T – Anglo-Saxon and Viking art / Viking Long Ships

R.E. – Moral Values / Sikhism

Computing – 3D Modelling / Concept Maps / Online Safeguarding