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Year 4

Year 4


During the Autumn Term, the children will be learning about the Ancient Greeks and will take part in an exciting range of cross-curricular activities during our topic day! They will make authentic Greek dishes, learn traditional Greek dances and research the Greek language. Children will have the opportunity to plan, design and make their own Ancient Greek inspired clay tile and their own Greek sandals. In this unit, they will research Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses and create their own fact files and write their own myths. The children will prepare for the Olympic Games, and take part in events such as discus, javelin and shot-put in PE.


Science - 'Living Things And Their Habitats' and 'Animals Including Humans'.

D&T / Art and Design - Ancient Greek Sandals / Ancient Greek clay tiles.

RE - Judaism and Bible stories: The Journey To Bethlehem.

Computing - 'Coding' and 'Spreadsheets'.


In the Spring Term, as part of our 'Contrasting Coastlines' topic, the children compare beaches across the UK through the use of maps and their visits to Lancing Beach and Birling Gap. In the second half of the Spring term, the children learn all about the Tudors. They will find out about Henry VIII and his wives, the life of the rich and poor and the crime and punishment the Tudors faced. As well as this, children will make their own Tudor Tarts in DT.  


Science - 'Sound' and 'States of Matter'.

D&T - Tudor Tarts.

Art and Design - Urban Sketching / focus on Liz Steel.

RE - Commitments and Hinduism.

Computing - 'Creating logos' and 'Animation'.


During our Summer Term, we prepare for our fantastic residential trip to the Isle of Wight, by conducting a locality study and making comparisons between Lancing and an Isle Of Wight town. Before boarding the ferry, the children also have the opportunity to visit the Mary Rose in Portsmouth, which they have learnt about in the Spring Term. In the second half of the Summer Term, the children will follow the Shoreham Port scheme of work entitled 'Why Shipping Matters', finding out about the UK’s global trade links, investigating where everyday products come from and the journeys they take to our homes. 


Science - 'Electricity'.

D&T / Art and Design - Pop-up Books and Collage of a Port Landscape.

RE - Buddhism and Church Leaders / Inspirational Leaders.

Computing - 'Effective Searching' and 'Writing For Different Audiences'.