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English at Seaside Primary

We are passionate about the teaching of English at Seaside Primary. Our pupils are given opportunities to write for a full range of purposes over the course of their time here, enabling them to become confident and independent writers. In English lessons, we cover and revisit key non-fiction and fiction genres, developing pupils’ writing and editing skills and their understanding of key features year on year. Writing is embedded across the curriculum and meaningful cross-curricular links are established wherever possible between current class topics and the content of English lessons. Please see our Long Term English Plan and the section on Grammar and Punctuation below to find out more.


Following on from the teaching of phonics and Read Write Inc, as children move up the school a love of reading is encouraged and reading skills are developed in daily guided reading sessions. Please also see the section on Accelerated Reader below.


There are numerous opportunities for pupils to develop confident speaking and listening skills throughout their time here at Seaside Primary, in all areas of the curriculum, whether it is partner talk in geography, Think Tank work in science, presenting findings in maths, working as a group to build a raft in the New Forest, holding a debate in English or standing for election as a class School Councillor at the start of the year!


Please follow the links below to look at some of the practices we have adopted here at Seaside and take a look at our English Long Term Planning.