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Year 2

Year 2


During the first part of the Autumn Term, the children will begin their learning journey exploring the vast continent of Africa. They will be immersed in this topic through a range of cross-curricular lessons, our ‘Amazing Africa’ topic day and an exciting trip to Drusilla's Zoo. Children will learn about the extraordinary wildlife found across Africa, which will support their work in science as well as inspiring some of their writing in English. As part of our topic day, the children will have the opportunity to understand how African culture is expressed through its arts and crafts, cuisine and music by participating in a range of hands-on activities.


Science – Living Things and Their Habitats

Art – African Art – Silhouettes and Pointillism

R.E. – Christian Festival - Harvest

Computing – Logging on,  Keyboard Skills & Creating Pictures


We begin the second half of the Autumn Term travelling back in time to the year 1666 and the Great Fire of London. The children will become history detectives, using different resources and artefacts to find out how, where and why the fire started and spread. The history of the fire is further brought to life for the children in a drama workshop with costumes, realistic artefacts and even ‘real’ smoke. Children will have the opportunity to bake bread and plan, design and make their own moving cart. In this unit, they will also find out about the famous diary writer, Samuel Pepys, and will use this knowledge to write their own diary about the events of the Great Fire.


Science – Living Things and Their Habitats

D.T. – Moving Carts

R.E. – Hinduism - Diwali.

Computing – Coding & E-Safety


During the Spring Term, we will begin our icy adventure by transporting the children to the windiest and coldest continent on Earth, Antarctica. In this topic, the children will develop their map and compass skills by following a series of clues that will lead them to a ' frozen planet'. The children will use their geographical knowledge to compare the two poles and will develop an understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change.  As part of this topic, we also learn about the great polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton, and his treacherous journey to Antarctica. We invite a polar adventurer into our classrooms to tell stories of their expeditions and the environments they have travelled through. In PE, the children will create and perform their own penguin dance, where they will explore beat, movement and expression.


Science – Uses of Everyday Materials & Animals, including Humans

Art and Design / D&T – Mod-roc Polar Bears & Moving Pictures

R.E. – Buddhism & Parables

Computing – Questioning, Online Safety & Presenting


In the Summer Term, our learning takes us back in time to Queen Victoria’s reign. To begin our topic, the children will visit Preston Manor and Hove Toy Museum where they will take on the role of a Victorian servant and learn about the differences between rich and poor people. They will even have the opportunity to make their own lemonade and spiced apples when they are there. To further immerse the children in this topic, the children will experience a Victorian school day. They will be met by a Victorian teacher and will experience the rules, routines and lessons that were part of a typical Victorian school day. We take to the playground to learn and perform a variety of Victorian games and even make our own toys. In art, we will explore the artist, William Morris, and the children will have the opportunity to develop their skills, techniques and knowledge in ink printing. To conclude the Summer Term, we take a trip around the world exploring human and physical world wonders. The children will begin by exploring their local environment and the wonders around them. We will then journey around the world from Mount Everest to Ayers Rock, where the children will develop their atlas and research skills to acquire new knowledge about 'Our Wonderful World'.


Science – Plants

Art and Design / D&T – William Morris & Cooking Jacket Potatoes

R.E. – Christian Church,  Christian Symbols & Different Beliefs

Computing – Spreadsheets, Effective Searching & Making Music