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Year 2

In the Autumn Term in Year 2, we begin our Amazing Africa topic with an exciting trip to Drusilla’s Zoo. The children find out about some of the different animals in Africa, which links to their Science topic on living things and their habitats.


Following on from this, the children learn all about different cultures in Africa. In our Geography lessons they learn about the similarities and differences between an African village and their local area. We take a trip to the beach and solve clues to help us identify the human and physical features. In Art lessons the children focus on creating their own African sunset pictures. During their Music lessons, children will listen to and participate in a range of African music types including African drumming and ‘call and response’ pieces.


Art – Creating an African sunset.

Geography – Comparing human and physical features of Africa and England.

R.E. – Hinduism.

Music – African drumming and ‘call and response’ pieces.


We begin our icy adventure in the Spring Term by following a series of clues around the school using maps and compasses. We discover a frozen kingdom where there is an exciting surprise waiting for us! These are three little Emperor penguins who need looking after.


The children take part in a brrrr…illiant WWF workshop where they become polar explorers. They have fun with practical science experiments to find out how penguins and Polar Bears are perfectly adapted to where they live. We also become researchers to find out about other Arctic and Antarctic animals.


In Spring 2, we learn about a great explorer called Ernest Shackleton, and his treacherous journey to Antarctica. We use drama to imagine what life would have been like on board his ship ‘Endurance’. As part of this topic, the children also learn about hot and cold areas in relation to the equator through hands-on experiences.


Geography – Locating continents and oceans

R.E – Animism and clay friendship statues

Design and Technology – Sewing penguin hand puppets

History – Famous explorers

Art – Aurora landscapes using marbling paint


In the Summer Term in Year 2, we begin our topic by having a Victorian school day. The children are met by a Victorian teacher and are immersed in a typical Victorian school day. Make sure you are not naughty otherwise you have to wear the Dunce’s hat!


The children enjoy learning about how their lives are different to a Victorian child’s and the dangerous jobs they had to do. We take to the playground to learn and perform a variety of Victorian school games and even make our own toys!


To finish our fabulous topic, we visit Preston Manor and Hove Toy Museum to enjoy taking on the roles of Victorian servants. We even make our own lemonade and spiced apples while we are there.


Art – William Morris ink printing.

History – The Victorians (Queen Victoria, Victorian schools, Victorian toys and Florence Nightingale to name a few).

Design and Technology – Making party dishes for our end of year performance!

Music – Learning how to play the recorder.

R.E. – Christianity.