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Seaside's Science Spot!

Seaside's Science Spot


Each half-term we will update Seaside’s Science Spot with a range of different science investigation activities to try at home. Most of these activities will require adult supervision, but this is an excellent opportunity for you to engage with your child’s science learning beyond the classroom. We have included some information on the science behind each activity that you could also discuss.

We would love to see some photos or short videos of the science learning you have been getting involved in at home so we can share this on the school website. Please send any photos or videos to: – FAO Mr Nicholas


Please note, by sending photos or videos to the above address, you are giving your permission for the school to use these on the school website.

"When the water is cold the water goes down the straw, because the particles are becoming more dense, as the water gets colder. When we moved the thermometer to a hot room the water went up the straw, as the particles expanded, and started to become gas.” Ellie, Year 4

Seaside's Science Spot - Autumn 1 2021

Seaside's Science Spot - Autumn 2 2021

Seaside's Science Spot - Spring 1 2022

Seaside's Science Spot - Spring 2 2022