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2019 - 2020 Pupil Governors

Seaside General Election 2019


On Wednesday 18th December 2019, children in KS2 took part in their very own general election which was planned and organised by the Pupil Governors.

The decision was made to conduct our own election after the national voting process had concluded because we wanted to focus on the items listed in the manifesto of each party rather than the name of the party themselves.

Therefore, children were given a copy of each of the manifestos but they were not told which party they belonged to. This sparked some interesting discussions as the children tried to work out which of the party leaders had written each one.

On the election day, the Pupil Governors set up a classroom with individual voting booths and ballot papers. They constructed their own ballot box and made sure they had a list of each of the voters who would be taking part.

When all the children had cast their votes, the process of counting and verifying the votes began. The Chair and Vice Chair of Pupil Governors oversaw the process and then recorded the votes.

Before long, it was clear that there was a strong winner. With a majority of 228 votes, the Liberal Democrats were the chosen party.

The Pupil Governors then reported their findings with the rest of the school.