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Annual Statement


Over the previous year New Horizons Seaside Local Governing Body has:

  • Supported the introduction of Pupil Governors as a replacement for the School Council.
  • Undertaken updated Safeguarding training and engaged with external agencies to ensure greater consistency in the response of the Local Authority to Safeguarding concerns raised by the school.
  • Monitored pupil attendance and supported the initiatives put forward to improve this.
  • Ensured that New Horizons Seaside offers a broad, ambitious and balanced curriculum that addresses changes to the Ofsted framework.
  • Provided challenging and robust support for members of the leadership team to ensure that School Performance standards were maintained.  Governors have acknowledged the hard work and commitment of staff who undertook additional teaching duties during periods of long-term staff absence.
  • Monitored the administration of Key Stage Two tests to ensure that New Horizons Seaside complies with Statutory requirements.
  • Monitored the effective deployment of student teachers during their placements at New Horizons Seaside.
  • Promoted initiatives to develop the skills of Middle Leaders and Lesson Studies to improve outcomes in teaching.


The Local Governing Body was reconstituted on 06.06.15 as required by government guidelines.




Over the previous year New Horizons Seaside Governing Body has:

  • Reviewed the Attendance Policy and ensured that it can be accessed easily on the website.
  • Supported the development of online mapping provision for children with Special Educational Needs.
  • Monitored Pupil Premium provision and ensured that information for parents was available on the website.
  • Approved the further development of Residential Visits as an integral part of the wider curriculum and ensured that their benefits are open to all pupils.
  • Monitored the Performance Management cycle to ensure that the school’s aspirations are addressed consistently in all Year Groups.
  • Approved the decision to block the 5 Inset Days as an additional week after the Summer Half Term 2019 in an effort to approve Attendance.