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WoW - Walk Once A Week!

WoW – Walk once a Week with the character Strider!     


This scheme will help us to be fit and healthy and reduce the traffic on our school roads, which will help everyone who works and lives in the area! This will also help us to save our environment by leaving our cars at home.


If we can all try and walk once a week, at the end of each month, the children who have walked at least once every week will receive a special collectable badge! There is a different badge to collect for each month. The badges are themed and this year the theme is "A Journey Through Time": - Starting with the dinosaurs, we will travel through over 200 million years of history, with our mascot Strider!


Even children who live some distance away can take part!

They can park the car a few streets away and walk. This is called park and stride.

So join us in being healthy and saving our environment start walking today.



How many badges will you collect?


Have a look at the photos below of Strider's surprise visit to Seaside!