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Seaside Spelling Quest


At Seaside we are passionate about spelling and helping children to succeed as learning to spell can be a highly complex business! We believe that spelling must be made fun, enjoyable and interesting as children only really become good at spelling by repeatedly practising and this is best done in fun and interesting ways.

To ensure that children enjoy the challenge of spelling, Seaside Primary have created a new spelling scheme, called ‘Seaside Spelling Quest’. The ‘Spelling Quest’ encourages the children from Key Stage 1 and 2 to go on a spelling journey through different adventurous and mystical locations. These locations are divided into levels:

Key Stage 1

Quest Level 1 – Map Mountains, Compass Caves and Pirates’ Port where you can collect a silver coin for the onward journey.

Quest Level 2 – Cutlass Cabin, Parrots Paradise and finally the last destination - the Tremendous Treasure to collect a golden coin!

Key Stage 2

Quest Level 1 - Bronze Beach, Silver Birchwood, Golden Galleon

Quest Level 2 - Ruby River, Emerald City and finally the end destination -Diamond Dynasty!


To reach each level, the children need to learn a set of words (these are based on the statutory word list provided in the new curriculum). The lists are a mixture of words pupils frequently use in their writing and those which they often misspell. Some of the listed words may be thought of as quite challenging, but all the words in each list are taught over a two year period and alongside other words that teachers consider appropriate.

Every half term, the children will take the ‘Quest Spelling Quiz’ to achieve spelling rewards which will move them through the levels, locations and gain them great awards and badges! Parents will be notified of the termly score in the back of the spelling books, so children can continue to work on the words at home.

The advantage of the ‘Spelling Quest Word Lists’ is the fact that the words will never change! So with determination, resilience and practice the children can improve their ‘Spelling Quest Score’ every half term! This motivates the children each half term to learn their spellings and move through the different locations to earn their awards.

Please see the Spelling Quest Word Lists below to help support your child on their spelling adventure!

Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) Spelling Quest Level 1

Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) Spelling Quest Level 2

Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) Spelling Quest Level 1

Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) Spelling Quest Level 2