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Spelling At Seaside

Spelling at Seaside


For many years, various approaches towards spelling have been used at Seaside, from weekly spellings to standardise spelling tests, set spelling lists for each year group etc. However, research has established that children who learn words weekly will forget how to spell those words in as little as two weeks. To combat this, with phonics results reaching over 90% and in conjunction with Spelling Quest, we are now teaching children the rules/patterns to spellings. This is a fundamental skill towards becoming a successful speller.


During spelling time and where appropriate during other lessons, the children are taught throughout the week how to use the rules/pattern to spell words. These same words are used to test them on Mondays. The children are also asked to research words around the rule/pattern at home. This homework allows the child to consolidate their understanding from the lessons regarding the rule/pattern - not just a single word. This approach creates lifelong spellers who have the tools to see/ hear a sound/pattern/rule and use it along with their phonological awareness to spell the whole word. For those children who still enjoy learning a list of words, they still need to learn the Spelling Quest word lists which are also organised into spelling/patterns and rules.


Pearson Spelling and Grammar Bug Game


With each spelling pattern / rule there is an opportunity for the children to practise their spellings with the Pearson Grammar and Spelling Bug. This is an online programme that brings spelling, grammar and punctuation to life.


It contains hundreds of engaging practice games that children want to play again and again. As an incentive to continue to practice the games there is a pupil area where children can collect gems, jewels etc.  Every time they play the game they will be given new words from the rule/pattern.