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Eco Trip to Viridor Recycling Facility

Eco Trip to Viridor Recycling Facility


On Tuesday 13th June, our School Eco Team took a trip to Viridor Materials Recycling Facility in Ford. It was a fantastic trip, as the children not only got to design and decorate their own 'Bag For Life' but they also got to wear hard hats and goggles to take a tour of the plant! We learnt that it took one year to build the factory and that it has 106 conveyor belts inside that organise the materials!



Some of the machines are run by using magnets whilst others use lights to bounce off materials before air-jetting them into the correct pile. The factory recycles for the whole of West Sussex. In the classroom, we had a whole box of rubbish that we had to organise into three piles; rubbish, recycle, and take to the charity shop. We couldn’t believe how much we could recycle. The waste bin and charity shop pile only had a few materials in them.


Did you know if you’re unsure whether to bin or recycle a material you should use the  'scrunch test'?

If the materials stay scrunched up then it can be recycled, if it pops back open then that means it has plastic inside and must be binned.



Look at the bails of aluminium cans!




Here the light is scanning the materials before shooting them off to the correct pile.




Miss Rehling and her team of Eco Warriors deciding which pile to place the rubbish into.



All suited and booted for our planet saving mission. We loved seeing the factory but we didn’t enjoy the smell!


We tried to decorate our bags with motivational messages to remind ourselves of what we could recycle and to catch the eye of other people. We hope to encourage others to think before they bin things.




Miss Virgo, Mrs Jefferis and part of the Eco Team standing on the platform. We were amazed at how clever, efficient and quick the machinery was.