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Accelerated Reader from Renaissance Learning

Recognised as the world's most widely used reading software, New Horizons Seaside Primary makes use of Accelerated Reader (AR) to motivate pupils of all ages and abilities to read more books for pleasure. Accelerated Reader offers personalised reading practice and daily progress-monitoring. This helps our teachers accurately and efficiently monitor reading growth and pupil progress in the quantity, difficulty and comprehension of books read independently. More than 27,000 quizzes are available on the most popular fiction and non-fiction titles that determine whether a pupil has understood what they have read. Over 350,000 pupils across the UK use AR every day and schools implementing the program report an average of two years' growth in just one academic year.


The AR program has a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect which you can access outside of school from any computer with an internet connection.


To log in to Renaissance Home Connect, go to the website and use your individual User Name and Password listed below.


AR BookFinder is an online search tool that will help you to find appropriate AR books to read.

Go to to search and create your own list of reading.


At New Horizons Seaside Primary, we believe that the ability to read is a life skill that will open the doors of literacy and set a child on the path to a love of reading. Therefore, children are asked to practise their reading regularly – at least three times every week – and to write comments in their reading journal about the books they are reading such as: “I really like the character of Harry because…” or “The story is getting really exciting now. I think the children will all find out…” This kind of explanatory comment gives teachers a valuable insight into how a child feels about the characters and storylines and is far more helpful than “I read p27 – 29.”


The excitement of using AR to motivate children to read for pleasure as well as purpose is palpable within the school and is particularly evident at the termly AR assemblies when children eagerly listen to see which class in each year group has the highest word count or most quizzes passed! Children who are at the early stages of independent reading work hard to win recognition for most quizzes passed that month or for the best kept reading record or most effort shown. Children who read lots independently strive to earn a coveted ‘Millionaire’s badge’ and have their parents invited to the AR assembly to share their success.


Pictures of our millionaires are proudly displayed in our library Hall of Fame.